Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Mr. Blue by Michael Franks

I would like to share here in my blog, one of my favorite singers, Michael Franks. I really love this song. It is called Mr. Blue. Michael Franks is a jazz singer and songwriter in the U.S. I love some of his music, like "The lady wants to know", "Antonio's Song", "Vivaldi's Song", "Down in Brazil".

Mr. Blue
We touched like watercolour fawns
In landscapes painted by Cezanne
Like lovers floating painted by Chegall
But you and I were you-I then
We thought the rush would never end
We thought the sky, the sky would never fall
We lived we loved we laughed we cried
We'll never die, and now I think of you
And I change right into Mr Blue
You say your lover buys you lace
I say he's fine, I like his face
I guess you still think love will conquere all
I know, but it's not what you think
I only hope it stays in sync
I only want, I want to wish you well