Monday, May 26, 2008

Be careful with Email Attachments

We should be careful with Email attachments especially if the file extensions look like these below:

.scr - Windows Screen Saver - USE CAUTION if you receive a screen saver via email. They can contain worms or viruses
.pif - DO NOT OPEN! This is most likely a virus. Clicking it will run a program or code that can mess up your computer.
.exe - executable file - a program that contains a virus, Trojan horse, or worm
.pps - MS PowerPoint (can contain macro virus)
.zip - Zip (compressed) file
.vbs - Visual Basic script
.bat - Executable MS-DOS batch file
.com - DOS executable command
.asp - active server page - internet script
.doc - Word document (can contain macro virus)
.xls - Excel file (can contain macro virus)

File extensions tell what the program is and how to treat a particular piece of data. For example, most people are somewhat familiar with .doc or a .txt file extensions these are both text documents. Hackers use some emails and activate the virus, which is always an attachment. Most Anti-virus nowadays stops, or at least warns you of high risk attachments. But don't just rely on that. Don't open a file or any link from a sender that you don't recognize to be doubly sure.