Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Black Friday shopping list

Christmas season is coming soon. It is four months from now. When it comes to buying gifts for the loved ones, friends, relatives, etc. I really do think Black Friday is the great time of the year to buy some gifts. It is customary here in the U.S. to get huge discounts on Black Friday. By the way, what is Black Friday? Black Friday is the day after the “Thanksgiving day” here in the U.S. People would go to the stores to get the discounted and bargained items. People would wait outside the store for three days before the Black Friday. I think this is an exciting thing to do. I’ve never done it but maybe I’ll try someday. Normally, the retail stores won’t give any information about their big sale on Black Friday. Last year, my husband went to Best Buy at around 4am last year. He noticed that the place was insanely crowded. Yet, he was still able to buy a flat screen computer monitor for a cheap price. But why go to the stores while you can do it online? Right? It is more convenient to buy stuff online than waiting in line for several hours on Black Friday. Well, it's up to the consumers; some people like going to the stores. However, it is really advisable to check out some things online first about Black Friday sale. I’d suggest you guys, check out Blackfriday.biz. At this site you will find the advance list of thanksgiving ads for Black Friday. They have a huge list of retail stores that are participating on this occasion. It is better to plan out your shopping list first before Black Friday comes. I am excited to make a list too.