Friday, September 5, 2008

FireFox 3

I have finally updated my Firefox browser to version 3, the other day. At first, I was kinda apprehensive in doing it because the Firefox 3 is not compatible with Google toolbar (as Google didn't update thier toolbar yet). Actually, I like this new version better than the old one. It is a lot faster. Hopefully, I could grab more opps at PPP this time. lol The new features of the Firefox 3 are:

1. One-click Bookmarking- you can bookmark a site by just one click on the star icon at the end of the location bar. Well, that is pretty convenient.

2. Firefox 3 keeps memory usage under control. Faster page upload. This is what I was talking about!

3. Smart Location Bar- a fast way to get to the sites you want or hardly remember. You know what, this is kinda annoying to me. But, maybe I'll get used to it.

4. Full Zoom - when you visit your favorite news or web page, you can read the caption under the picture—or view the picture itself.

5. Download Manager - A pause and resume feature means there’s no need to wait for a download to finish before you disconnect.

6. You can check a site’s legitimacy before you use it. Click on a site favicon for an instant identity overview.

7. Firefox 3 protects you from viruses, worms, trojan horses and spyware. If you access a bad site then, you’ll receive a full-sized browser message that says Warning.

8. Firefox 3 has antivirus software. So, when you download a file, your antivirus program will automatically check it to protect you against viruses and other malware.

9. Anti-phishing- prevents you from doing business with phishing sites.

I am very satisfied with the latest version of Firefox. So, if you want to download or update your Firefox browser, just click on this link. Or you may go