Monday, November 10, 2008

A British pilot got blinded but landed safely

A British pilot named Jim O’Neill, who was suddenly blinded by a stroke for blind 40 minutes during flying a small Cessna aircraft, lost his sight 5,500 feet in the air. A hard to believe incident -this is not only in the movies but also in real life. He was terrified when he couldn't see the dials in front of him, yet he managed to make an emergency call for help, as he wanted to land as soon as possible. He said, “He went blind very suddenly and then, once he'd got over the shock, was able to distinguish a bit of darkness and light." The plane hit the landing strip and bounced up again and did the same on the second land. Then, he was able to keep his plane on the ground as he was guided byRAF Wing Commander Paul Gerrard . O’Neill is an experienced pilot who has flown for nearly two decades. After the incident, he is recovering in hospital where he is beginning to regain his sight. This is a miracle. I believe that God helped him.