Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Healthy drinks

Soda is not really good for you. Coca-cola, Pepsi and many more are high in fructose. If you are craving sweets or refreshments, you can have the healthy alternatives. Here they are:

1. Light yogurt and fruit smoothie. Creamy and sweet, high in calcium and only 174 calories per cup.

2. Tomato juice - contains beta carotene and lycopene

3. Organic soda that doesn’t contain high fructose. I get this kind of Soda from Safeway sometimes. The brand is O- Organics. They taste really good. They are fruit-flavored soda. No caffeine at all. It is organic. But it is best to avoid any kind of soda because carbonation affects the stomach. However, carbonation and phosphoric acid in the soda can cause calcium loss in the bones.

4. Apple cider. I love apple cider.

5. Tea or coffee, unsweetened.