Thursday, June 25, 2009

I am vegetarian

As a vegetarian, eating healthy foods makes a really big difference. Before I came here in the U.S. I used to eat meat every day and I ate junk foods at lot. It was my husband who introduced and educated me about eating more healthy foods. Now, I see a big difference. The flab on my abs is getting smaller (I used to drink beer now I don’t), I don’t constipate that much (I constipate if I don’t drink a lot of water), my skin is more radiant than before and I feel great as a whole being. Actually, it takes sacrifice and time to be a vegetarian. Sometimes, I still miss yummy fried chicken. I have to resist. Once in a blue moon, I eat chicken but it is not as tasty as vegetables to me. It tastes bland and dry. If you want to be a vegetarian, just take your time and apply a little sacrifice. That’s all.