Friday, August 7, 2009


Are you calorie-conscious? There are ways to reduce calories. I am not conscious of calories as I am not big. I tiny bulges in my abdomen; I just have to exercise so I can get rid of them. haha Anyway, as I said, there are ways to reduce calories in our diet. Take these steps to losing weight. First, include more vegetables in your diet. I really love vegetables and they more tasty than meat. Vegetables can be boring sometimes but you'll get used to it. When you eat more raw vegetables, the fewer calories you'll get. Second, avoid snacks in between meals, especially junk foods. When you eat junk foods be sure to read the Nutritional facts-- avoid high saturated fats, sodium and cholesterol. Those are bad for you. It is funny how my husband always says that those are "junk, crap and garbage". Third, dairy products-- always look for low fat and non-fat ones and as much as possible, get the organic kind. Those are my tips for today! Enjoy and good luck!