Tuesday, February 9, 2010

What is pain?

What is pain? Sometimes, we feel pain in our life, may it be physical or emotional. In this crazy and busy world, people could hardly have to spend time to relax. People tend to work hard to earn money. But when pain comes, we cannot function well. It hinders our daily activities. And most especially, it prevents us from going to work. Pain is a rough feeling that tells you something may be wrong in your body. The nerve cells beneath the skin sense heat, cold, light, touch, pressure, and pain. Like I said, when you feel pain that means there may be something wrong in your body. It is also a repulsive and unlikable emotional experience coupled with possible tissue damage. Pain sends warning to your brain. When you are in pain, you have to break and listen to your body. Examples of pain are headache, backache, toothache, injury, burns, cancer, etc. That's when pain relievers come in.

Pain is an exceptionally an individual experience. Some people can tolerate pain while others cannot put up with it and take a pain reliever to threat the agonizing pain. Pain relievers are all the same. Some pain relievers can treat pain quickly while others take time. When you are in severe pain, would you like to take a quick pain reliever? Of course, you would consider the strong pain reliever. One of the most prescribed pain relievers today is tramadol. You can find tramadol tablets like tramadol50mg, capsules, powder, or liquid.

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