Monday, January 17, 2011

How to be safe at internet chat rooms

Internet chat rooms are very popular nowadays. I was amazed the first I joined the chat room and that was aol. I talked online to exchange messages and at that time there was no cam yet. I was using nicknames. It was really fun. People call instant message (IM) or simply chat. Don’t you know that there is a difference between IM and chat? IM refers to a conversation between two people, while chat is talking with a group. So, if you are into chatting or joining chat rooms like yahoo messenger and other. Here are some valuable things that you should:

· Never give out your personal information in a chat room like full name, SSN, full address, parents’ names, etc.
· Don’t agree right away to meet a stranger in person whom you met in a chat room. Get to know the person well first.
· When you’re asked to enter or sign up for a chat nickname
· Be cautious of chatters who ask you to meet in private chat rooms.
· You should read the terms and conditions, code of conduct, and privacy statement at the chat site before joining.