Thursday, February 17, 2011

Perfect hostess gift

Guest post written by Molly Couric

My best friend is going to throw a huge Valentine's Day party. She thought that it would be a really fun thing to do and have everyone bring their families. She always says that Valentine's Day is about love and the relationships you have with your family and your friends is also based on love, so this makes sense that she wants to throw this party.

This is going to be really great, especially for our friends that are single. I wanted to find her a really special hostess gift to bring with me and while I was looking online for some ideas I came across the website and signed up for an internet package that I found on that website.

I got the idea to bring her a cake stand. She could even use it to serve some of the refreshments for the party! I also decided to bake a cake to bring it on and then just let her have the stand. I might find one that I can paint, but I guess I just need to worry about finding a cake stand to begin with.