Thursday, April 28, 2011

Organic Baby Food Business

When I decided I wanted to make baby food for a living everyone thought I was crazy. Even my husband questioned my sanity when I quit my high-paying attorney position to take on this new role of mother and chef. I can just tell you now – it was the best decision I ever made!

There were a lot of things to do to get my business off the ground but I was prepared. I had read exactly how to start your own business and after I’d taken care of all the LLC set up stuff, I went about setting up a website. I did some research on www.domainnames.comconcerning domains and hosting packages and hired a local designer to help me create an aesthetically pleasing site. Once it was up I felt really good about the whole thing and felt comfortable taking my product to suppliers! I knew I had something special and it didn’t take long for others to realize it too. Now I’m living the dream, cooking all day while getting to hang out with my little boy!

Posted by Gaylord Campbell