Friday, January 27, 2012

Finding my perfect fall purse

Guest post written by Kim Sheridan

The purse that I've been bringing around with me all summer is this really bright yellow. I really love it but I think that it's about time I find a new purse for fall. I can't really see myself taking a bright yellow purse with me to fall events like Thanksgiving. So I've been on the hunt for this really great new fall purse for me to take.

I've been shopping around online for a new purse and while I was doing that about a week ago, I ran acorss some TV and internet packages . I looked over them, showed them to my husband and after that we decided to switch over our home services to one of them.

I did end up finding this really adorable light brown purse. I really love big purses so I can throw everything in my purse and take it with me. It has soem really cute straps and bronze colored hardware all over it. I think that it's perfect and just my style. Plus, this is a purse that's going to last me for a while, I think beyond this fall season.