Monday, February 27, 2012

Throwing the best kids' Halloween party of the year

Guest post written by Andrew Higgins
One of my favorite things to do is to watch scary movies and read scary books. I've always been that way and my kids are kind of the same way, too. Well, as much as kids can be any way. So we all love Halloween around our household. This year the kids decided to throw a Halloween party for all of their friends and they asked me to make the house extra scary. So I'm working to do that by this Saturday.
I went online with our wireless internet Boise to find some ideas about what exactly I could do in our house to scare the kids out of fun. I thought that it wouldn't hurt to have something spooky at the top of the stairs or little things that they wouldn't expect to see in other parts of the house.
I think that my kids are really excited about the upcomign party and they keep asking me about when I'm going to start putting up the decorations. Not yet, I keep telling them. But they don't know that I'm equally excited to see how scary their friends think my decorations are.