Friday, March 30, 2012

Off Campus

Thanks for the post from Sylvester Campbell

 What does every teenager dream of? Moving out from their parent’s house and being on their own. Luckily, due to a recent financial miracle, I am now able to afford my own place. Let me preface that by saying that I’ve been out of the parent’s house for 2 years now, since I’ve been enrolled at the University of Arkansas. The difference now is that I no longer have to live on campus. So being the smart investor that I am, I found a nice little foreclosure about 30 minutes from campus in a little town called Lowell. Also playing in my favor, is that I have been dating the girl of my dreams since our junior year of high school and as soon as we graduate college, we’re planning on getting married. But first, we have to get through school. That’s another area that she comes in pretty handy; I didn’t have to do any decorating at the new place. But what would a new place be without a good tv package. A quick Bing search for direct tv lowell and our little place was good to go.