Thursday, May 10, 2012

Safety keyboard

When you use computer a lot, there is a chance that you might develop the risk of repetitive motion injury. I am blogger and I use the computer. I fear sometimes that I would develop repetitive motion injury or carpal tunnel syndrome. I wish I have this kind of keyboard. But it would be really great to have one someday. This “Safetype Keyboard” reduces the risk of CTS (carpal tunnel syndrome). This keyboard has ergonomic design, which basically changes the location of tension from the wrists and forearms to the neck and shoulders and reduces high-stress positions that cause Repetitive stress injuries. You can stand your arms relaxed at your sides, and use your biceps to carry your hands up and forward until your forearms are parallel to the floor and your palms in front of each other. This keyboard looks odd because of its side mirrors though, they are designed to give you a view of the letters while you are typing with the keyboard. Sounds really interesting, isn't it?