Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Disney Movie Club

I like Disney movies and cartoons since I was a kid. Every time I see and watch any Disney cartoon, I always feel nostalgic for my childhood years. Actually, my favorite Disney cartoons are the classic ones but I like all Disney movies and TV shows. My latest favorite Disney movie was “Wall.E.

I may sound like a kid but I still enjoy cartoons very much. In fact, my husband is into it and he has some collection of Disney cartoons and movies. He loves the “Fantasia” soundtrack. I would like to surprise him on his birthday. So, I looked up Disney Movie Club and I was so glad that they have it. I should join in Disney movie club to get more discounts and be able to play games, watch short video clips, download some games and rent DVD movies. I can get DVD for $1.99 for first time purchase with free shipping. Furthermore purchase an additional DVD at a 25% discount and a second DVD at 50% off club prices. I can’t wait to be a member.

Disney movie club site is really great for those who are into Disney. It is great for parents to find wholesome Disney movies and show for their kids. You can find a wide variety of Disney characters, movies, TV shows, music, etc. And at their site, you’ll find Disney’s live events both domestic and International show. Disney movie club is awesome!


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