Saturday, March 21, 2009

Fake and scam Anti-virus

I receive a forwarded Email about fake virus warning by "Antivirus 2009" or "Antispyware 2009 a few days ago. I was already aware of these fake Infection warnings since last year. My pc got infected by it. It just popped-up on my screen. I click the exit button. But it did not go away. I knew it was virus since it was really odd. This dirty trick is created to get you to install and buy it. A lot of people got suckered of this dirty and scam antivirus while the crooks are making profits out of it. If ever you came across these fake antivirus, do not click on the popup window but instead, hold down the alt key and hit the F4 button to close the popup. Please dessiminate this topic to anyone you know.