Sunday, August 14, 2011

Happy and frustrated

I went to Seafood City on Saturday because I wanted to unwind and eat Filipino foods. I was very grumpy and frustrated with my husband on Saturday morning. I really hate it when he does nothing but watches tv for long hours. So, I ended up cleaning our bedroom because it was very dusty. I also cleaned his guitars (hanging on the wall), electronic drum set and long keyboard. I vacuumed and mopped the floor. After I did all these things, I wanted to treat myself with Filipino foods, so I went to the new location of Seafood City here in San Diego. I roamed around the grocery store and I found a few delicacies from my hometown, Cebu. I got so excited to see La Fortuna hopia ube, so I grabbed one pack to see if I still like it. Then, I went to the produce area and saw alugbati (which made my heartbeat so fast). I excitedly grabbed a pack of alugbati. It was my first time seeing alugbati here in San Diego. It made me think of cooking utan bisaya. I got kabocha, horseraddish leaves (malunggay), eggplant, and some other stuff. After the grocery, I went to get palitaw for snacks and went to one of the pinoy restaurants nearby and got chicken afritada and rice. Well, I got frustrated with palitaw, which was very saggy and the coconut stank. I wasn't happy with chicken afritada too because it was very bland. Overall, my day wasn't bad at all. I was very happy with the vegetables I got.