Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Stir fry 101

Guest post written by Kathleen Johnson

I think that my roommate is amazed that I take the time to fix myself real meals instead of just ordering in or eating junk food from our dorm's snack machine. But I've been cooking for years so it's just like second nature to me. Like it's literally no difference to me. It also just takes a few more minute than running to the corner store and picking up a sandwich. When I break down the cost, it may even be cheaper to cook than doing that anyway. But I promised to teach her how to make stir fry, about the most basic form of cooking.

I tried to find some different variations based on the things that she likes to eat. While I was online looking through some of that stuff, I ran across the site http://www,internet.Clear.com. I looked through it a little bit and after that I sent it to my mom so she could use it as a better home internet service than the one we've had for years.

I told her that you can basically throw any veggies that you want in there. She seemed to like hte first one that we cooked together. Plus we split the cost, which was pretty cheap