Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Teeth grinding

Do you grind your teeth every night? Actually, I grind my teeth every night. It's really annoying when I forget to put my night guard on. My jaw hurts in the morning and I get a headache

Teeth grinding is also known as  bruxism. It is a condition, which is caused by the reflex chewing activity, which controlled by higher control in the brain. During sleep the reflex part is active, while the higher control is inactive, resulting in bruxism.” So, it just occurs during sleep. It is believed that it is caused by abnormal bite, or abnormal alignment of teeth, stress, anxiety, anger, or frustration.

Teeth grinding, however, can cause serious complications such as deafness, backache, reduce ability to open and close the mouth, difficulty in chewing, jaw pain, face pain or headache. So, if you grind your teeth every night, you better consult your dentist about it and get yourself a night guard.