Monday, September 3, 2012

Should I go to the Philippines or not?

Should I go to the Philippines or not? I'm having a dilemma right now. I really don't like the idea of leaving my husband for a couple of weeks at home. I would terribly miss him if I decided to visit my parents in P.I. I miss my parents and haven't seen them for almost five years now. I guess, it's about the time to see them again. They live in the other side of the world and thousand miles away from me. I was thinking that I should take this opportunity while we can still afford to buy the plane ticket. It's just going to be me and my little guy to fly to the P.I. I was planning on staying at my parents' house when I get there. I would also like to stay in Cebu City for a few days and meet up my old friends. Then, visit my brother in Balamban. Well, let's see and I need to renew my passport.