Tuesday, December 25, 2012

Merry Christmas everyone

Merry Christmas everyone!Today, we celebrate the birthday of our Lord Jesus Christ.

I'm going to cook some yummy foods later. I'm excited. My husband mentioned a cake a while ago. We'd probably go to the store later to get some cake mix. I know Safeway opens today, but I don't know when they close. We will go there before 3pm. I didn't really think about baking a cake today as I got tired of eating too many sweets lately. Well, I guess, I'm going to bake a cake today. But first I'm going to blanch some vegetables in the water to partially cook them. My sister in-law suggested it to me since I'm going to cook some Filipino foods. Blanching makes the vegetables crisp and tender. Then, all I have to do is just make the broth or sauce. Well, I better go and make start preparing the vegetables, spices, etc. Goodbye! Hope you guys have a happy Christmas!